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Groasis is an organisation which fights worldwide food and water shortages using its product called Growboxx®. (Available, free of charge, until 17.08.20)

Carolina, originally from Portugal but now living in Wissembourg, goes home for a holiday. She describes how it was, during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Available until 24.08.20)

Goats – they look cute, the provide excellent milk. But how do we look after them. A journey into agricultural English. (Available until 31.08.20)

Back in  the autumn

The Brida Consumer Company is looking for mystery shoppers in Brida and surrounding areas. (Available, free of charge, until 17.08.2020)

Mathieu is a garden landscape architect. Do you want to have a new garden? Give him a ring. (Available until 24.08.20)

We don’t get younger and sometimes we need help. But what help do we need and who is best to give it? (Available until 31.08.20)

More coming Soon

Rabbit, Rosemary, Rice = Paella  (Available until 17.08.2020)

Bello Moto sells Vespas, that iconic Italian Scooter. You can buy one too! (Available until 17.08.20)

Olivier’s Dream Destination. Olivier from Serris (74) wants to travel to remote parts of Canada. Who has ideas for him? 

 This week’s specials at the Brida Supermarket. (Available until 17.08.2020)

This Week’s and all the crosswords. (Available until 17.08.2020)